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About MOODS tableware glassware collection


MOODS, made for moments.

In the mood for love? You have come to the right place. MOODS is a Belgian brand with a great love for stunning dinnerware, chic glassware and cosy home accessories. It offers all you need to transform your everyday meals into unforgettable moments.

In the mood for design? Our collections blend style with functionality. The sleek lines of our elegant dinnerware elevate your table, while the refined details of our glassware add a chic touch. So you can enjoy a restaurant experience in the comfort of your own home!


Dinnerware collection

This ceramics collection blends style with functionality, making it perfect for every occasion. There is a bowl for your morning yoghurt, a dinner or pasta plate for your favourite evening meal and a large mug for a delicious cup of coffee or tea during the day. MOODS is for every moment!

Our dinnerware comes in two harmonious colours, cream white and grey blue, which ensures it looks great in any kitchen. It's beautiful on its own, but also easy to mix and match with other tableware. Elegant details, such as a raised edge, make this dinnerware anything but boring.



Glassware collection

In the mood for some wine or a cocktail, or just want a glass of water? MOODS has you covered! The elegant design of the wine glasses and drinking glasses will give any drink a luxurious twist.

The glassware range is perfect for all occasions: whether you are giving a party, are planning a cosy dinner date or spending the evening at home. Want to turn your drink into a real experience? The matching carafe and smart wine set are a great addition!



Outdoor collectie

Planning a stylish garden dinner or a casual picnic in the park? Get the party started with MOODS outdoor! Our reusable outdoor tableware ticks all the boxes of the MOODS aesthetic: sleek design, timeless colours and refined details.

The collection consists of very durable plastic SAN glassware and PP dinnerware. So no need to worry about taking it with you on a weekend getaway, or dropping it – our long-lasting tableware is extremely resistant! Did you know that our dinnerware is made of more than 50% recycled materials? That's better for the environment! 

We have designed some silicon lids to fit on top of the bowls, so you can seal them after use to store leftovers.